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With 15-years immersed in the realms of print, design, and brand marketing, I've cultivated my expertise to emerge as an accomplished designer in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV via Los Angeles, CA. My most recent chapter unfolds as a Disney Streaming / Hulu Design Manager within the Greenhouse Creative Team working on live sports creative, cultural campaigns, and endless evergreen brand strategies. I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My forte lies in curating comprehensive 360° marketing campaigns. I'm open to work welcoming the creative journeys ahead.

Andrew Marquez
Design / Creative

Work Experience


Design Manager



Focused on Brand / Sports Creative. Developed campaigns for major events such as, NCAA March Madness, NFL Super Bowls, Women’s World Cup, NBA Playoffs, Summer / Winter Olympics, and much more.

Designer at Hulu, the leading premium streaming service offering live and on-demand TV and films. Worked on a vast range of creative for Hulu Originals, Integrated Marketing, Email and Live Sports. Assisted on strategy and execution for Sports Campaigns involving athletic talent from the NFL, NBA, and other major league sports.


Mariners church

Creative for the Mariner's Design & Marketing Department providing support for Mariner's Preschool, Cafe, Bookstore, High School Ministry, and other Outreach Programs. Prepared print materials and examined proofs at Mariner's on-site print and production department.

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